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All the prices listed on the store are including shipping and handling costs. Due to the complication of mass imported products from eCommerce listing sites, price of individual products are set to be as such. Due to this nature, customers planning to purchase more than one product in a single transaction from store are going to incur significant shipping and handling cost for multiple products. When multiple products are shipped together, saves money on shipping and for this reason we are passing the savings back to the customers!

When multiple products are purchased in a single transaction, calculated shipping cost savings will be sent to customer as store coupons. The value of coupons are calculated manually by Groceryasia. Terms as follow:

  1. The coupon can be used in the next single transaction of any amount.
  2. Coupons are usually issued within 7 business days of transaction, if there is questions about the delay, please contact us.
  3. Excess coupon amount not used in the single transaction is forfeited.
  4. Coupon value calculated by Groceryasia is final.
  5. Coupons last for 1 year from issue date.
  6. Coupons can be used once.
  7. Groceryasia reserves all rights on coupon validity and disputes.

For more information or general inquiries, please contanct us.